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Calvary Presbytery Day of Fasting and Prayer

On April 13th, teaching and ruling elders of Calvary Presbytery gathered in our sanctuary to fast and pray for our PCA churches, communities, and nation. It was a solemn time of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, pleading with our God for forgiveness. If you were not able to watch the session live today, we want to make the recording available to you now.

Call for Fast & Prayer

Recognizing the uniqueness of the current pandemic Dr. James F. Green, Moderator of Calvary Presbytery, calls for our congregations on April 13 to observe a Day of Fasting and Prayer

Stated Clerk Melton Ledford Duncan, Sr.

Let us mourn and confess the sins of our nation and particularly the church.  As Dr. Joseph Pipa has reminded us in his article below on fasting “We recognize that the current pandemic (among other things) is the hand of God’s judgment on the world and our nation. Peter reminds us that judgment begins with the household of God (1 Peter 4:17).”

Dr. Pipa also reminds us that in fasting we are to abstain from all food for a period of time in order to devote ourselves to the stated purposes.

We recommend that you begin your fast after your evening meal April 12 and end it after the noon meal, April 13. Some, because of health, will not be able to abstain totally, but all can deprive themselves to some extent for the agreed-on purposes: those who are unable to abstain totally should eat less than is their custom.

We also recommend that you take the money spared in not eating and give it to the Deacons of your congregation to be used in relief for those suffering economically.

If you have questions about fasting, giving, or this day of fasting and prayer talk to your pastor.



Rev. Dr. Joseph Anthony Pipa, Jr
President of GPTS
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Teaching Elder (PCA)
Senior Teaching Elder in Calvary

Adoration: God’s Glory
Psalm 57:7-11

Dr. James Franklin Green
Moderator of Presbytery
Chairman of Theological Examination
Ruling Elder, Downtown, Greenville

Adoration:  God’s Power
Psalm 62:1-2, 5-8

Rev. Dr. Richard Davis Phillips
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Teaching Elder, Second, Greenville

Adoration:  God’s Mercy and Grace
Psalm 103:1-5

Dr. James David Woodard
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Ruling Elder, Clemson

Confession of Sin and Lament
Psalm 6:1-7

Rev. Carl David Robbins
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Teaching Elder, Woodruff Rd, Simpsonville

Thanks for Redemption in Christ
Colossians 1:15-20

Mr. Philip James Temple, esq.
Trustee of Presbytery
Ruling Elder, Mitchell Rd, Greenville

Prayer for National Repentance and Revival
Proverbs 14:34

Rev. Dr. David Graham Sinclair
Founder, Clemson RUF
Teaching Elder, Clemson

Prayer for God’s Glory and Will
Isaiah 46:8-11

Mr. Casper Fredric Marcinak, esq
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Ruling Elder, Woodruff Rd, Simpsonville

Prayer for God’s Mercy on our Nation
2 Chronicles 7:14

Rev. Benjamin William Castro
Teaching Elder, Emmanuel Upstate, Greenville
Presbytery Church Planter

Prayer for God’s Wisdom for our Leaders
1 Timothy 2:1-2; Proverbs 21:1

Rev. Martin Huskey Martin
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Teaching Elder, Fellowship, Greer

Prayer for the Abatement of COVID-19 Virus
Psalm 50:14-15

Dr. Kevin Miles Mobley
Ruling Elder, Second, Greenville
Chairman of Second Church Administration

Prayer for Those Suffering and in Danger of Death
James 5:14-15

Rev. Dr. Robert Dean Cathcart, Jr.
Recording Clerk of Presbytery
Teaching Elder, Friendship, Hickory Tavern

Prayer for the Faith and Witness of God’s People
Psalm 34:4-5; Romans 10:14-15

Mr. Melton Ledford Duncan, Sr.
Past Moderator of Presbytery
Stated Clerk of Presbytery
Ruling Elder, Second, Greenville

Prayer for the Churches of Calvary Presbytery
Acts 15:4

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