Church Calendar 

    (Updated 5/3)


May 3 WIC Council
May 3 Pastoral Care Committee Meeting
May 3 Graduation Banquet
May 4 National Day of Prayer
May 7 Elders’ Vows Renewal
May 7 Worship & Music Committee Meeting
May 8 Session Meeting
May 9 WIC Circles
May 10 Missions Committee Meeting
May 10 CAT Kids Program

May 13 WIC Bridal Shower (Kailyn Elliott/Robert Pennington)

May 14 Mother’s Day
May 15 Young At Heart Spring Picnic
May 16 Narnia Book Club begins
May 17 Administration Committee Meeting
May 17 CAT Kids Spring Fling
May 21 The Lord’s Supper at the morning services
May 24 CE Committee Meeting
May 24 Musical CAT Kids begins
May 28 Safety Sunday
May 28 Youth Fellowship Lunch in Fellowship Hall
May 29 Church Office Closed for Memorial Day
May 31 Missionary Speaker: Guillermo Salinas

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