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Ministerial Intern

I was raised by a single mother in a nominal Christian home in the Richmond Virginia area. We attended several different churches while I was growing up, everything from Southern Baptist, to Methodist, to Assembly’s of God. For various reasons we never developed roots in any of the churches we visited. That all changed in fall of 2011 I was invited by a dear friend, named Bethany to attend a local Independent Baptist church with her and her family. The Lord used that church and the power of His Word to completely transform my life. For it is no empty word for you, but your very life,- Deuteronomy 32:47a. Over the course of the next couple of months I wound up quitting my second job so I could attend evening services as well. I wanted to know Jesus better.

After a couple of years of deep personal study I became convinced of the Reformed Faith. I also was gradually afforded more and more teaching opportunities in the church to the point where Bethany (by this point my wife) encouraged me to apply for seminary. With her support and encouragement we moved to Greenville in the Summer of 2018 with our daughter Brooke. I am currently pursuing my MDiv at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Shortly after arriving in Greenville, the Lord led my family to Second Presbyterian Church. It is an honor to serve Christ by serving his saints.

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